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Synergy Nexus Group management consulting

Management Consulting 

We assist you in achieving outcomes that connect the present with the future.

Our integrated management consulting model enables value creation by giving our strategists the advantage of market insights from deep industry and function expertise, combined with the experience of efficiently operating business functions, optimizing and running supply chains, designing and implementing agile processes, and building resilient operating models and cultures to promote operations, quality and safety excellence.

We leverage this advantage in our work with boards, CEOs, and C-suite executives to create value for shareholders and stakeholders by defining and answering their most strategic business questions about strategy, growth, profitability, technology-driven transformation, operating models, QHSE performance improvement, and sustainability.

We use prime value chain analytics to increase transparency, bridge silos, turn complexity to your advantage and reshape operations around customer value. Our business advisory is based on the growth models and strategy tools that are widely used in organizations matching the different phases through which a growing company will go.

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  • Organization structure

  • Strategy development

  • Business planning

  • Performance management

  • Resource planning

  • Change management 

We help you transform your operating model across all relevant levers of your business to accelerate higher performance and increase productivity and efficiency. We help you create a strategy to add value, develop a plan to achieve SMART objectives, turn that plan into action, and sustain the results. 



  • Agile teams development

  • Operating model optimization

  • Lean program development

  • Customer focus process modelling

Our team can assist you in reshaping your company, igniting innovation, and boosting profitable growth by scaling Agile throughout your entire business to improve time-to-market, increase quality, promote employee morale, and create a truly dynamic business.

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  • QHSE strategy & plan development

  • QHSE mgmt. system development

  • Risk management best practices

  • Incident investigation

  • QHSE audits (Internal/External)

  • QHSE leadership & technical training 

  • KP-Safe deployment

We provide you with a cutting-edge business model called Safety-as-a-Service (SaaS) in an all-inclusive package, where our team assists you with all aspects of quality, environmental, occupational health, and safety management, including policy & procedure development, training programs, inspections/audits, employee engagement initiatives, and data analytics/AI systems.


Our consultants are experts in ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 standards and other API specifications such as API Q1 & Q2.

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