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Synergy Nexus Group KP-Safe


We help you manage workplace safety in real-time with our Computer Vision System.

A safe environment in any industrial operation is paramount! This is why KP-Safe is all about the potential of gaining a high level of understanding from live images and videos to improve your business and keeping you safe. “KP-Safe” is an industrial computer-vision-based algorithm that helps you understand and take action on your data to find the best ways to streamline, optimize and reduce risk!

The system collects the live videos of humans and their interaction with machines and the surrounding environment and analyzes it all in real-time, giving you the immediate insights, responses, and the broader view you need for a safer excellent daily operation.

“KP-Safe”, which is complemented by our partner - KeePath's unique algorithms, optimized to work flawlessly with your prebuilt CCTV systems, enabling greater control over employee's unsafe acts & behaviors while working near equipment and moving machinery parts.

Improve safety, reduce the number of incidents and enhance operations by creating conditional red-zones, and standardized statics on your operations and performance. No matter the type of industry, maximize safety and productivity with our dynamic supervision and real-time predictive decision-making.


With “KP-Safe” you can connect a machine vision system to the first responders instantaneously, protecting your most valuable assets (People) and transform your safety program to a safer digital future.

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