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Synergy Nexus Group Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

We help you automate your business with Artificial Intelligence solutions.

We are leading the current Industry 4.0 trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies, including cyber-physical systems, the Internet of things, cloud computing, and cognitive computing, and creating the smart factory/plant. 

We have partnered with "KeePath" - a company with headquarter located in Berlin, Germany - to provide state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 Technology solutions with patented algorithms exclusively to serve our global clients by maximizing their internal and/or external investments.


Artificial Intelligence

Smart Mathematical Algorithms



Augmented and Virtual Reality Applications

Real-time interactive graphics with three-dimensional models, combined with a display technology that gives its users the immersion in the model world, and direct manipulation.


Virtual and augmented reality produce a set of data which is then used to develop new models, training methods, communication and interaction. In many ways, the possibilities are endless.

Our solutions are tailored to your operations for using Virtual Reality (VR) to simulate and train personnel on a specific activity without physical exposure to the real environment. Whilst, and for the same example, Augmented Reality will operate in a real-life environment adding a new dimension with hands on experience following specific guidelines and regulations!



Computer Vision & Machine Vision Applications

Computer Vision depends heavily on smart algorithms and deep-learning without the need of specific intelligent hardware. On the other hand, Machine Vision also utilizes neural networks but it works in coordination with machinery, for example robotics!

Expanding on our best-in-class technology and methods, we have developed several and single bundle services, providing image based automatic inspection/analysis, integrated with automatic inspection, process control and robot guidance within the industrial applications.

Autonomous Vision Inspection Systems 

AVIs utilize the user interface to capture data and manipulate process & applications just like humans do. They interpret, trigger responses and communicate with other systems in order to perform on a vast variety of repetitive tasks. Only substantially better: an RPA robot never sleeps and makes zero mistakes.

Manufacturing Automation and Inventory Management 

From initial assembly to final inspection and packaging our Machine Visions systems are used to optimize the manufacturing process including workflow, inventory control, time and attendance, kitting, tool cage and additional functions. Our customers gain access to the real-time data to optimize operations, improve worker safety, and reduce costs.

Go Green 

Ensuring the sustainability of the global agriculture industry, we have utilized our computer vision process along with robotics to maximize on the harvesting, sorting and packaging process. Establishing an unprecedented quality level, while minimizing the percentage of losses in the product’s quantity



The future of urban development is defined by the agility of its infrastructure. Its transformation into a smart city, area, or a zone is constructed on the foundation and concepts of the Internet Of Things (IOT) at its finest contribution to our quality of life; starting from finding a parking slot, optimizing resources to preserving lives.

Traffic Flow & Security Monitoring 

In either public or gated communities, with our computer vision system you can easily switch sensor-based traffic lights to vision based ones allowing a seamless flow of traffic and security.

Controlling Pollution & Noise 

Air Quality sensor systems can be used in moving public transport such as buses and trams. The data collected from the device can be analyzed when the transport travels through different areas around the city which will provide healthiest and unhealthiest walking times and routes through the city.

Business & Home Automation 

Utility savings to reduce costs and environmental footprint, with a 360-view facility management. Improving Tenants / Occupants’ wellbeing and satisfaction, while creating revenue generating opportunities.



Automating a single or multiple process in any organization reduces the chance of human error by removing excessive routine from the day-to-day work-load. We have looked into how we can improve this and came up with the following.

Robotics Based Solutions

Our robots are designed in a modular and Intelligent mechanism. These Intelligent Modular Machines (IMMs) are reliable with almost immeasurable downtime, additionally they introduce a higher production rate in relatively shorter production cycles.Their presence in the logistics sector, has introduced a safer way to work without health endangering situations. In addition, the flexibility of reprogramming a present IMM to perform an additional function vs the one it was originally purchased for, creates higher sustainability and continuity levels. In the case that it is needed, our IMMs could predict failures and trigger maintenance processes autonomously, should an outside anomaly occur prior to the scheduled maintenance cycle.


Integration of ERP Solutions

Juggling two or more systems in a given enterprise, between its back-end and front-end solutions, sometimes lead to inaccuracies based on human errors. Based on this, we have created middle-channel solutions (S.W. / H.W.) to combine those entities under one umbrella; creating an environment where the user can optimize the complete operations cycle without the need to re-enter data in a separate, stand-alone system.

smart home


Interactive touchscreens revolutionize our lives with their ability to simplify navigation and share information instantly, it became our new era intuition. PROMIRR offers complete interactive tailor-made solutions for hospitality and retail businesses. enable in new ways of exceptionally enjoyable human interactive experiences to inspire and keep engaging clients with a specific brand and services.

Smart Mirrors

SMART MIRRORS Specifically designed for hospitality and retail businesses. Whether a millennial or from another generation, modern clients have high expect top-brands to implement high-end technologies ! Amaze clients with unique features and services while helping them throughout their experiences with the brand and its services. We work to inspire and Influence guests and shoppers with ultimate attractiveness, tailored interactive contents and stunning visuals, to march into the next level of the internet of things (IOT) transformation.

Interactive Displays & Kiosks

Building on our core technologies and case histories of utilizing smart cameras, sensors and cable infrastructure to uplift the performance of different types of industries and saving lives. This inspired us to develop a portfolio of smart solutions, specifically designed to serve as the foundation for Urban development. Such technologies have the ability to autonomously manage traffic flow for clearing ambulance passage, as well as controlling pollution and noise, irrigation for water management, all the way to waste control and management. Those examples of such technology applications do not only significantly impact the digital life factor, but also contribute to every other aspect of our well-being.

Interactive Tables

Interactive Tables - for HoReCa (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, Clubs) ensuring Incredible up-selling with multi-purpose content, which is tailor-made and developed in house from the inside-out to maximize on customer interaction and designed specifically to attract more guests.



Expanding on our best-in-class technology and methods, we have developed several and single bundle services!

Live SPC

Tackle all your challenges in advance before issues arise using Real-time Statistical Process Control (SPC). Utilizing a modular software platform, we can deduce multiple solutions, which have the following capabilities: Data collection and integration, real-time monitoring and analysis, advanced reporting suit.

Statistical problem solving and big data modeling

If your goal is description, prediction, or explanation, you will appreciate the statistical discovery paradigm of our services; this exploits the intrinsic synergy between visualization and modeling. Our team of statistical analysis experts in collaboration with worldwide known firms utilize state of the art data management software, such as JMP, which provides insights, foresight and the means of continues improvements. Additionally we can compare and contrast models built using different approaches, and generate code in C, Python, JavaScript, or SAS.

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