We believe the successful transformation to a strong global brand is a result of the consistent implementation of a business strategy for sustainability, profitability, and growth. At a time of unprecedented disruption and an increased focus on innovation, keeping up with market change is an everyday endeavor. To compete and capitalize on new opportunities, you have to constantly build, refine, and invigorate your portfolio.

One of the quickest ways to do it? Inorganic growth—joint ventures, alliances, mergers, and acquisitions—coupled with divestitures when needed. Still, it's no easy feat.

Your growth decisions must align with your business objectives and be promising at the same time. It sounds simple, but it's difficult to master. With extensive experience planning and executing, we help companies quickly and cost-effectively add strategic capabilities and reach.


We can help you create value through global alliances faster and with greater certainty.

Our Clients:


Our growth consulting framework is tailored to support organizations from startups to large scale corporations and covers:

  • Expanding existing business

  • Increasing of sales-revenue

  • Building a stronger global footprint

  • Geographical expansion



Our strategic growth and expansion consulting is tailored to help North American technology owners to be more competitive in international markets. 

Our comprehensive international market research and business development strategies along with proven geographic market entry strategies are tools for better decision-making for increased revenue by increasing the global customer base.

Our business introductions to key industry leaders and local trusted experts in multiple countries create synergies for sustained business relationships through partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions. 

How We Work

Value Capture

Focusing on large-scale transformation, we know where to look across the investment cycle for additional value

Functional Expertise

Our dedicated practice carries in-depth knowledge of strategy, supply chain, sales, marketing, finance, and change management.

Global Reach

Our global network enables us to draw upon the best talent and resources for every project.

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