Marketplace Technology Sourcing

Companies today are leveraging technology to create new business models and provide an enhanced experience to their customers. In order to enable this technology, we will help with creating strategic partnerships with technology providers and we will be sourcing new or used equipment and machinery that provide the best solutions for our international customers in their local in-country operations.

Our team of sourcing agents follows a disciplined approach to sourcing the best values available. Since they have relationships with hundreds of equipment and business brokers in the marketplace, they can offer you access to price-competitive markets and motivated sellers.

Our clients:

  • We work with clients from international regions to ensure agile and seamless execution of sourcing new, used, or refurbished equipment from manufacturers, technology, and service providers in different regions.


Why Outsourcing

Taking advantage of low-cost sourcing opportunities requires focus, specialized knowledge, and commitment. As companies have become leaner and leaner, many have simply lacked the resources to pursue low-cost sourcing on their own. However, with the growth and increasing acceptance of outsourcing, companies can now engage specialized third-party partners to assist with low-cost sourcing initiatives.


SNEXUS is the outsourcing partner that brings specialized knowledge, market access, and economies of scale which can significantly improve the effectiveness of these initiatives. At the same time, we can improve efficiency, by offering turnkey solutions – including dedicated resources, automated systems, etc. – which save time and effort for the company. In this way, we can make it possible (and advantageous) for companies to benefit from a cost-cutting strategy they could not otherwise pursue.


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